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I am a qualified masseur and specialized in medical and relaxing massages. I have a long year experience as a mobile masseur. Are you interested in a first class massage?? Gratulations, I am happy to work with you!

About massage

Here I would like to inform you about my massage and professional massage service. In our times back pain is almost inevitable, as reliable figures show, 80% of people are affected with strong a lighter back pain. Stress and depression are the burdens of our age and lead us to mental and physical illnes. We always loose quality of life.

If we look at our own spine - what a wonderful structure. It carries our entire body weight and consists of 24 vertebrae that extend from the neck to the tailbone. In addition there are 23 discs this with dozens of cartilage, muscles and nerves.

The structure of our spine is so exellen planned as an expensive sports car, but it is not so strong, but very sensitive. We have many health problems, because we move too little, drive too little and no exercise, and partly a lot of people are overweight. Our modern lifestyle includes the risk of back pain coming again and again. Also hard work or unhappieness in life leads to permanent reduction in our quality of life.

The impact of depression and stress is considerable. According to a research of the University of Toronto, it is scientifically proven that modern people of today suffer 4 times more from excessive stress than in former times. So humans are in danger to be exposed to become a depression.

With this knowledge we can understand the meaning and effect of the massage. We can imagine massage as a physiological therapy to maintain our health as well as a relaxing treatment of the highest enjoyment.

In addition, massage is a natural tool for personal care. It strengthens the body and gives body back vitality.

Massage involves not only the pleasant massage effect, but stimulates the body's energy channels, called meridians, so that the body can clean himself from inside and to some extent, even to heal.

Massage never should be the only treatment. People who suffer from serious illnesses, must necessarily also be treated by a doctor.

Massage requires competence. You should be treated by a professional masseur, who is confident with the exact anatomy of the body and the structure of the muscles.

Massage - a treatment wich gives the body back its vitality - a therapy for body and mind. A kind to relax and enjoy, to satisfy our need for touch and being maintained - a piece of life elixir.

My services


Massage price list

    Back massage     30 minutes     35 €
    Facial massage     25 minutes     20 €
    Classic Swedish massage     60 minutes     50 €
    Classic Swedish massage     90 minutes     70 €
    Classic Swedish massage   120 minutes     95 €
    Holistic massage     60 minutes     55 €
    Holistic massage     90 minutes     80 €
    Aromatherapy massage     60 minutes     60 €
    Aromatherapy massage     90 minutes     85 €
    Aromatherapy massage   120 minutes   110 €
    Medical massage     50 minutes     60 €
    Medical massage     75 minutes     80 €
    Shiatsu massage     60 minutes     65 €
    Shiatsu massage     90 minutes     95 €
    Reflexology     40 minutes     45 €



Ahmet ÖZEL

60385 Frankfurt

Phone: 01795595644